When Hip Hop started back in the day it was one DJ one MC energizing the crowd all night.  This is how Shep and Stilz rock the set now.  Since their debut with the Chronikalz in 2005 the duo has been making memorable Hip Hop infused with a variety of styles.  In 2007 they released a self-titled Shep album which was a further exploration of their Hip Hop infusion style.  It was a melting pot of jazz, blues and folk in a hip hop broth built on the backbeats of Stilz’ late night beat creations.  They followed that album with Radio Gente in 2008 a conceptual album built on the principle that rather then have a few hundred people purchase their music online, they wanted thousands to have it for free.  This album was downloaded from hundreds of times in just weeks and soon spread to Europe.  From that album “Gotta Shine” was picked up by Canada’s own Hip Hop for their Fresh Out Com 2009.  DJ Mogwaii Hort in Germany used “Wanting You” for his Trip Hop Volume 2.  Then Netmuzyka, a Polish music site, added “Seize the Day” to their end of summer mix and soon after their “VeeDub” song founds its way onto the Pacific Northwest College Sampler by Shock Treatment Management.  Their latest release is the short and sweet summer 2011 album Digital Sol.  A collection of six of their most bumpin works to date with “Dolce Vida” already being picked up by Italian based label DD Hip Hop for their Dec 2011 Compilation.  Sit back, relax and make contact with Shep and Stilz.


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